Spider Free Boat Dock Spider Control


It’s the weekend and you are anxious to hit the water . . . oh wait, you have to spend several hours cleaning your boat and boat dock to remove all of the spider residue! Luckily, Spider-Free customers no longer have to spend countless hours doing extra work. Spider-Free uses an all-natural solution, completely safe for all aquatic life, to rid your boat and boat dock of spiders, ants and other nuisance insects. Our environmentally-friendly products are highly effective and approved for use on our beautiful lakes, rivers and streams.

Spider Free Services

  • All-natural Solution
  • Non-toxic To Aquatic Life
  • Safe for people & pets
  • Seasonal treatments – March through October (weather dependent)
  • Applications every 21 days

Use Spider-Free this boating season. You’ll be sure to BOAT MORE AND CLEAN LESS.TM

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All Natural Solution. Environmentally Friendly. Boat More. Clean Less.TM


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